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Stefan A. Faulk
“I’m proud of the agility we have as a boutique company. In 24 hours, we can create effective solutions for clients that are totally outside the box.”

Stefan A. Faulk

CEO // Managing Member

Stefan Faulk is the Founder and CEO of Modern Tax Group, a leading Property Tax consulting and advisory firm that serves both publicly traded and privately held companies.

With almost a decade in business, Stefan is committed to providing exceptional service and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Stefan employs more than 20 Property Tax professionals who deliver industry-leading solutions and services to over 300 companies, including more than a dozen in the Fortune 500 and 1000.

While Stefan continues to set the vision for Modern’s national consulting practice, he has extensive experience spearheading tax savings initiatives in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and throughout the southeast. He is widely recognized as a trusted advisor and thought leader, contributing significantly to the fast-paced Property Tax consulting space.

Beyond his work, Stefan enjoys spending time with his wife, one-year-old daughter, and three-year-old son. He is an avid adventurer and thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in 2009. Currently searching for his next challenge, Stefan enjoys world travel and backcountry skiing. In addition, he volunteers his time as an assistant wrestling coach to an underserved high school program.