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B. Heath Sutton
“It’s very rewarding when a client sees what you’ve done and voices their appreciation. The fact that we have so many clients that are so happy with what we do is really an incredible feeling.”

B. Heath Sutton

COO // Member

As Modern Tax Group’s Chief Operating Officer and Senior Managing Director of Valuation, Heath Sutton is fully immersed in the technical side of the business.

Responsible for the development of all compliance and appeal workflows, as well as valuation and tax strategy, Heath works directly with his team of consultants, appraisers and assessors to achieve fair valuations for clients. Described by his peers as the Robin Hood of Property Tax, Heath is diligent and relentless in his fight to find tax saving opportunities.

Heath invests his time developing the team of consultants in both the Business Personal Property and Real Property divisions, passing along his expertise to grow the capabilities of the firm.

With a Bachelor of Business in Accounting, Heath started his career at Grant Thornton, where he learned the nuances of Business Personal Property Tax. Later, at a small, local firm, he met Stefan, and the two developed a concept for a new, innovative firm called Modern Tax Group. Heath has decades of experience developing tax strategies, and he’s the architect behind the process through which the company achieves exceptional results for clients.  

While the nature of the work Heath does hasn’t changed much throughout his years in the field, Modern Tax Group has opened the door to more creativity and flexibility, which in turn creates more value for clients. He’s proud of the culture he’s helped build at the firm, an environment where the team is encouraged to feel balanced and united by the mission. For Heath, it’s exciting to know that while he’s driving a client’s business forward, he’s doing the same for Modern Tax Group.

When Heath isn’t driving value for clients with tax savings, you can find him driving golf balls down the fairway at one of his favorite courses.